San Ysidro Health Center – Location | Services | Programs

San Ysidro Health Center – Location | Services | Programs

The San Ysidro Health Center is a comprehensive healthcare facility for the people of San Ysidro and the neighboring areas. It is situated right in the center of the city. The center is also a leader in educating and empowering residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The center is also home to a number of innovative technologies that enhance the patient experience, including telemedicine and behavioral and dental services.

Adult And Family Medicine:

San Ysidro Health Center, with a location in Alpine, California, provides a range of services and assistance to support the health of its clients. They’re committed to giving patients access to high-caliber healthcare at fair prices. Both Palomar High School in Chula Vista and San Ysidro High School in South San Diego offer a wide range of on-site medical services through the center.

San Ysidro Health Center provides care for patients of all ages. Their staff includes primary and specialty physicians. Some patients may qualify for discounts. They additionally offer patients who lack or have insufficient insurance specialized support services.

They provide a variety of services, such as thorough vision examinations, eyeglass prescriptions, and vision treatment. They also offer pharmacy services, including prescription refills. Patients can also access their pharmacy records and order refills through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. They also have a mobile medical unit, the Healthy Steps Mobile Medical Unit, that provides health care services to the South Bay communities.

All community members will get caring, superior treatment from the health center. They also offer special programs and services for teenage patients. Their Teen Health Educators work with local high schools and provide group-based education about health issues. They also teach about healthy relationships and physical activity.

The center also offers trauma therapy, which is designed to help patients process traumatic experiences in their past. It also provides group therapy, including 12-step programs. In addition to individual treatment, they also provide couples counseling. Their therapists address problems from the client’s history, and present, as well as their relationships with family and coworkers.

The center also provides acupuncture, which promotes physical and emotional well-being. They use state-of-the-art equipment and acupuncture techniques to treat pain and specific illnesses.


The San Ysidro Health Center is a nonprofit institution founded in 1969 by a group of Mexican moms with the goal of delivering healthcare to communities that have historically received little or no such support. Currently, the organization operates 10 medical clinics and 41 program sites throughout San Diego County. It is one of the largest healthcare networks in the region.

The center offers a wide variety of services. Among them are senior health care, family planning, women’s health, and breast cancer screenings. In addition, it provides counseling services for more than 86,000 registered patients. The center also operates a mobile health unit and other programs. The mobile health unit offers a number of services, including school physicals, family planning, minor medical services, and wellness classes.

The center has also partnered with the County on a Live Well San Diego South Leadership Team. This group is committed to educating locals in South San Diego about health issues and assisting in the enhancement of people’s quality of life.

The center is attempting to extend its reach into rural areas. The Healthy Steps Medical Mobile Unit offers walk-in care and counseling services for pregnant teens and elderly women. These services are free. They also provide immunizations and other minor medical services.

In addition to offering a wide range of services, San Ysidro is incorporating innovative technologies to provide a greater level of care to patients. The organization’s telemedicine program is a safe and convenient way to access care. Patients are able to schedule appointments via an interactive video. This type of care is confidential, and patients can choose to visit a healthcare provider in person or use the service online.


San Ysidro Health Center, a nonprofit healthcare organization in the San Diego region, was established in 1969 by a group of seven moms. In addition to general care, dental care, HIV/AIDS, behavioral health, and assistance for people with disabilities, it offers a wide range of other medical services as well. The health center also runs a senior health center, which provides comprehensive health services to elderly residents.

The health center’s pediatrician-led, multi-location medical clinic accepts patients from ages 0-14. Those in need of routine dentistry as well as those in need of organ transplants can both benefit from San Ysidro Health Center’s extensive dental program. A patient portal at the clinic enables clients to access their medical records from the comfort of their residences.

The San Diego Children’s Dental Clinic, which offers dental care to local children, is also run by the health facility. The clinic also features a cutting-edge mammography facility, which offers women breast cancer screenings.

San Ysidro Health Center is happy to give its patients the healthiest, most affordable, and conveniently situated care. Dental care, chiropractic care, prescription drugs, and mental health treatments are just a few of the numerous things they offer. Its goal is to offer underserved populations dependable, caring, and affordable healthcare. The Program for All-Inclusive Care for Seniors, which aspires to guarantee that every senior in San Diego County has the opportunity to receive top-notch medical care, is its most creative program.

A patient portal is another feature of the clinic that enables visitors to view medical records, discover more about its offerings, and locate additional resources for health. The center is located at 8851 Center Drive, Suite 206, La Mesa, CA 91942. It is accessible from Monday through Friday.

Support Group For New Moms:

During San Ysidro Health Center’s Dedication Ceremony, there was a mini health fair, where attendees learned about health education and other programs. There was also a presentation on the Affordable Care Act, which covers health care and other essential services for individuals.

San Ysidro Health Center has grown into the largest community health center system in southern San Diego County. They provide essential medical services to over 380,000 registered patients. Their programs include women’s health, family planning services, health education, and behavioral health. They are dedicated to improving the health of culturally diverse people.

The Healthy Steps Medical Mobile Unit, part of San Ysidro Health Center, is a mobile health unit that sees walk-in patients. Its staff arranges mammograms for elderly women and provides counseling for pregnant teens. The unit also offers health education and immunization services for local communities.

San Ysidro Health Center has a long history of offering affordable Latino families in the South Bay high-quality medical treatment. On a sliding cost structure, they offer essential medical treatments. Presently, fifty percent of their patients are uninsured. Nonetheless, the majority of them qualify for Medi-Cal.

San Ysidro is a member of the Live Well San Diego South Leadership Team, which is an organization dedicated to promoting health and education in Southern San Diego County. The organization recently received a Pioneer Award from the South County Development Council.

The South County EDC promotes economic development in the South San Diego County region. It also provides art classes for fun and therapy for senior citizens. In addition to providing essential health care, they also use art classes for educational purposes.

Behavioral And Dental Services:

Behavioral and dental services at San Ysidro Health Center are available to the whole family. The center offers comprehensive dental care for children and adults and offers preventive care to elementary school children in the Coachella Valley. The center also provides a variety of free health education resources.

San Ysidro Health Center provides health care to more than 90000 patients. The clinics operate under a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, which puts the patient first. The clinics also have an in-house laboratory for testing and diagnosing.

The dental services at San Ysidro Health Center are conducted by a dental team that is well-trained. Restorative dental services include crowns, fillings, extractions, and root canals. The center accepts Medi-Cal, as well as sliding fee payments.

The dental services at San Ysidro Health Center care center also offer comprehensive vision screenings. San Ysidro Health Center provides preventive dental care for young children as well as adult dental care, including thorough examinations, x-rays, and cleanings. Fluoride applications, tooth sealants, and pediatric special needs dentistry are all offered in San Ysidro’s dental facilities.

The dental services at San Ysidro include mobile dental units that provide routine exams, cleanings, and sealants. They also accept sliding fee payments and commercial insurance. Those who do not have a dental provider can be referred to a medical provider.

The telehealth program at San Ysidro provides health education classes to the community. These classes cover a variety of health topics, including healthy relationships, STIs, alcohol use, and contraceptive methods. The sessions are delivered over the phone through the Health Education Virtual Library.

The health center also operates a Teen Health Educator program. The teen health educators work with the Sweetwater Union High School District and the San Diego Unified School District. Teen health educators provide group-based education on health issues.

40th Anniversary:

The largest community clinic organization in the county was founded in 1969 and is called San Ysidro Health Center. With almost 60,000 registered patients serviced, the group has expanded from a modest two-room cottage to a multimillion-dollar complex. The center serves mostly lower-income Latino families.

The facility provides a variety of services, such as dental, family, psychiatric, and pediatric dentistry, as well as behavioral and dental health. It also offers support services to rural east county communities.

The center is operated by SYHealth, a nonprofit organization that provides innovative medical care to San Diego and its surrounding communities. It has expanded to meet the increasing healthcare needs of the community. It now has 50 clinic locations, as well as support services in Rural East County.

This year, San Ysidro Health Center is expanding services to include a new Urgent Care Center in Chula Vista. This facility will be part of a partnership with Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista. This facility will also include a board-certified emergency room physician.

A family planning clinic is also housed in the building, which provides a range of birth control options. A proclamation from the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors and a certificate of honor from the California State Assembly have both been given in appreciation for their commitment to the neighborhood.

The facility also just launched a Mother and Child Health Center, providing a variety of services like pediatric dental and prenatal care. The California Department of Health provides financing for the facility’s cancer center. It is located in the Cellular and Molecular Medicine East Building.

The center also collaborates with zero8hundred, a nonprofit organization that provides peer navigators for military transitioning military personnel. It also partners with 2-1-1 San Diego.

Geriatric Scholars Program:

San Ysidro Health Center is a nonprofit healthcare organization that offers a full range of services and programs to approximately 95,000 people annually with a commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of communities via innovative community-oriented healthcare. They have 34 program sites across San Diego County. In order to satisfy the healthcare requirements of underserved people, this comprises a senior health center, a health center, and a number of programs.

The Geriatric Scholars Program at San Ysidro Health Center is a joint initiative to raise the standard of care for senior citizens. The program was created with the intention of creating an interdisciplinary healthcare workforce to provide older persons with high-quality, culturally relevant healthcare. Scholars take to engage in outreach efforts, workshops, and clinics throughout the program. Also, they have the chance to exhibit the unique knowledge and abilities required to provide care for elderly people. The program is designed to provide training to a diverse group of professionals who are advanced junior or mid-career health professionals.

Each scholar works in a small group with an academic advisor to identify their goals and to implement action steps to achieve them. They also learn about various technologies and telemedicine, and they are exposed to various resources. The program is designed to help them develop meaningful relationships with colleagues throughout their careers.

The scholars have a variety of interests in aging, dementia, healthy aging, HIV, alcohol and drug abuse, and health policy. They participate in outreach activities such as fall prevention and care for underserved communities. They also participate in workshops and conferences. They are also evaluated on a variety of levels. The program is accredited by the UC San Diego School of Medicine’s Continuing Medical Education department.

Mobile Health Services:

San Ysidro Health Center is a non-profit hospital that serves locals of all ages in San Diego County. The organization operates 49 program sites across the county. Among its most notable programs are its Senior Health Center, a teen clinic, and a network of Mobile Medical Units. These are vehicles used to provide health care services in underserved areas.

San Ysidro Health Center’s Mobile Medical unit, which opened in 2001, has proven to be an invaluable asset to the underserved. Last year alone, the clinics saw more than three thousand patients, providing them with the care they needed.

Another program of note is the SYHealthLine, a Telehealth service that allows patients to have virtual doctor visits. The clinic offers a number of additional health-related services in addition to telemedicine, such as mammograms for abuelitas and blood pressure checks at neighborhood activities.

The Mobile Health Services Team provides a range of services, including sports physicals, family planning, immunizations, and nutrition education. The unit also provides minor sick visits, health fairs, and other health promotion events. A physician assistant, a nurse, and a medical assistant are among the healthcare professionals who work at the clinic. The only clinic in San Diego County with a private fleet of automobiles is this one.

The Center’s Healthy Steps Initiative, which links needy families to the healthcare they require, is another of its most notable initiatives. This program includes access to affordable private health insurance, health education, and health screenings. In addition, the center provides free health screenings for high school students. The Healthy Steps program has been the catalyst for many other health-related achievements at San Ysidro Health Center.


The San Ysidro Health Center, which was established in 1969 by seven immigrant women, has developed into the county’s largest network of community health centers. The San Ysidro Health Center System is dedicated to offering the underserved high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare. It serves a population of low-income, mostly Latino, families.

The San Ysidro Health Center system is comprised of 27 health centers in Southeastern San Diego County. Founded as a volunteer clinic in a dilapidated house near the border, the San Ysidro Health Center has been expanding its services over the years. It operates 10 medical clinics and four dental clinics. It also operates a full diagnostic laboratory and 24-hour open urgent care centers.

The SYHealth network includes school-based health centers, mobile medical units, and a pediatric developmental clinic. In addition, the organization provides dental services, a senior health center, and a program for all-inclusive care for the elderly. The organization also provides counseling services and a full range of behavioral health care.

San Ysidro Health Center is a nonprofit organization. It was founded by seven mothers who had a vision of providing health care to their children. Today, the organization serves over 86,000 registered patients. It is also committed to providing compassionate, high-quality care.

The San Ysidro Health center system is designed to create a medical home for the underserved. Its mission is to improve the health of culturally diverse individuals.

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