GBC Business Group

GBC Business Group

GBC Business Group is a business that provides services to support business success for entrepreneurs. They offer networking opportunities, mentorship, market intelligence, and access to funding. They also assist their clients in concentrating on their main line of business.

Access To Capital, Mentoring, Market Research, And A Network Of Industry Experts Are All Provided:

GBC BUSINESS GROUP focuses on business growth and development and was established in 2006 by Chris Bissonnette and Greg Berlinguette. GBC BUSINESS GROUP offers its members goods and services like marketing, HR consultancy, and management advice, to mention a few. To assist its members in expanding their businesses, GBC BUSINESS GROUP also makes use of a network of industry professionals. GBC BUSINESS GROUP has aided many companies in becoming household names. The highlight is that GBC BUSINESS GROUP offers its members special discounts from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Along with assisting members with business expansion, GBC BUSINESS GROUP also supports companies in navigating some of the more complicated governmental laws. GBC BUSINESS GROUP is a well-known name in the world of small companies, and it offers its members tools and data to assist in making the best choices.

Additionally, GBC BUSINESS GROUP is skilled in guiding its members through the trickier parts of managing a small business, such as selecting the right vendors to work with, making sure you have the proper commercial insurance and making sure you are adhering to the proper health and safety requirements. In actuality, GBC BUSINESS GROUP is the master of The small business community and its participants are widely dispersed across the nation. The GBC BUSINESS GROUP represents its members’ interests and makes sure that the business community has a voice in politics.

Criticisms Of GBC BUSINESS GROUP Collects:

A New Jersey-based debt-collecting company is called GB Collects. Estimated annual sales for the business are $4 million. Customers for it come from a variety of industries. Many criticize their combative behavior. Others have been charged with harassment as well.

The business is alleged to have broken the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Concerning its collection procedures, the organization has received numerous complaints. Consumers who question the legitimacy of the debt have filed the majority of complaints.

GBC BUSINESS GROUP asserts that since 2004, it has had a listing with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, it has been a defendant in a number of lawsuits and defended itself by asserting that it was a legal company. 45 employees work for the business at its headquarters.

A complaint claims that GB Collects, LLC harassed one of its clients. According to the complaint, a GBC BUSINESS GROUP representative has been bothering the complainant for over a year. The complainant said that before February 2019, he had stopped making insurance payments. The salesperson informed him that he owed money for an insurance cancellation fee when he got in touch with the company. GBC BUSINESS GROUP approached the complainant once more despite his denial of the accusation.

The complainant asked to view the physical evidence of the purported debts. GBC BUSINESS GROUP declined to offer this evidence. They didn’t offer any additional details that the FDCPA requested.

GBC BUSINESS GROUP continues to bully the plaintiff. Additionally, the company is alleged to have employed illegal communication techniques.

The Better Business Bureau received the complaint against GB Collects. According to the complaint, GB Collects, LLC harassed the plaintiff and violated the FDCPA. The complaint claims that GBC BUSINESS GROUP has a track record of intimidating debtors.

Variety Of Services Offered:

The GBC Business Group, founded by former executives from IBM and Price Waterhouse, offers a comprehensive range of services for small and medium-sized firms. They maintain locations in the US, Kenya, and Liberia. The professional and technical services to satisfy their clients’ business demands. To offer affordable solutions, they deal with a variety of enterprises, including startups.

The Student-Athlete Leadership Academy, one of the many services offered by the GBC Business Group, encourages open communication between student-athletes and the college or university they attend. In order to improve the student athletes’ leadership abilities, they also offer leadership workshops and other initiatives. Additionally, they encourage student-athletes to participate in school activities and events.

Students with a Purpose, which provides fellowship to other students, is another service. Students receive spiritual support from them as well. The national honor society Alpha Chi is one of the other clubs they provide. Moreover, it is a ceremony for induction every year. They offer the College or university scholarly services in addition to social events like a spring banquet for honor students.

In addition, GBC BUSINESS GROUP offers a range of technical and professional services. You are welcome to start your own club, or they will assist you with business change. Clubs exist for practically every interest. You may find a club for anything you are interested in, whether it be carpentry, water sports, or athletics. The best thing is that if you engage a licensed expert to do in-house services, you can split the profits with them.

Visit the GBC BUSINESS GROUP website or call them if you have any questions about any of the services they provide. You’ll discover a commitment from the GBC Business Group to give you the finest service possible.

Assists Clients In Concentrating On Their Core Businesses:

The Global Business Consulting (GBC BUSINESS GROUP), which was founded by ex-executives from Price Waterhouse and IBM, has partnered with top business players and has satellite offices in the US, Uganda, Kenya, and Liberia. GBC BUSINESS GROUP provides expert and technical services to assist businesses in meeting their present and future needs. In order to give solutions at a reasonable cost, it also collaborates with governments and small and medium-sized businesses. The goal of GBC BUSINESS GROUP is to offer solutions that raise the standard of living for those living in the communities they serve. Additionally, GBC BUSINESS GROUP is devoted to ensuring that it gives clients the tools they need to concentrate on their core business.

Companies face a lot of pressure to be more agile in the modern environment. Rethinking the administrative and general support services provided to business units is one of the major issues. Companies have grasped the chance to develop shared-services models in order to get there. These teams, which include experts from several functional areas, oversee a number of processes and are in charge of the majority of the company’s fundamental data. The GBS group also acts as a hub for innovation and communication, enabling staff members to exchange knowledge and best practices.

GBS teams are a terrific method to integrate cutting-edge digital technologies into current business processes. They do this by promoting the transfer of new skills between different functions. They could aid businesses in achieving important expansion objectives. Similarly to this, they can play a crucial role in sophisticated data analytics algorithms. They can also assist businesses in creating stronger systems of support for their business units. To identify which procedures and activities would profit from GBS services, leaders must collaborate closely with function heads and business-unit heads.

Cloudbreak Capital Partners And GBC Business Group:

One of the biggest commercial furniture producers in the US is GBC Business Group. They have a long history of innovation and have established a solid reputation by offering premium goods at affordable costs. The business has, however, recently come under fire. One of the main grievances is that the business has failed to maintain effective inventory control.

Company’s Return To The Basics Marketing Initiative:

A good dose of civic participation is one of the numerous advantages that students at Great Basin College (GBC BUSINESS GROUP) enjoy, and it is certain to pay off. As an illustration, the Veterans Club is flourishing and expanding. Additionally, the Student Veterans of America (SVA) group at GBC BUSINESS GROUP should be mentioned. GBC BUSINESS GROUP also has a long history of successful graduates who went on to higher education. Additionally, the school is proud of the exceptional diversity of its student body. A large number of long-standing student organizations are also located at the school. One of the more notable organizations is the Student Technology Organization (STO) gives students the resources they require for success. According to a recent study, GBC BUSINESS GROUP’s student population makes up more than a fifth of Nevada as a whole. In light of this, it is not unexpected that the school is a shelter for hopeful students hoping to restore their educational luster.

Acquisition By The Company Of A Producer Of Visual Communication Products:

The Visual Communications Company (VCC), a manufacturer of visual communication products, is one of the businesses supported by Cloudbreak Capital Partners. El Segundo, California, serves as the corporate headquarters for the business, which specializes in customized LED solutions for OEMs. Additionally, it runs Emerge Lighting, a company that creates architectural goods using LED technology. Display Products, Inc. (DP), a producer of LED display products, was recently bought by the business.

The economy had a recession in 2001. GBC BUSINESS GROUP reported a decrease in staff after seeing its first quarterly income fall in nearly ten years. The company also disclosed the sale of two warehouses in Atlanta and Dallas as well as the closure of many industrial facilities in Europe and the United States. The decline led to a $56.7 million net loss for the year. GBC BUSINESS GROUP started to regain its footing in 2004.

In the 1960s, GBC BUSINESS GROUP started to expand its global activities. One of the earliest international businesses to establish operations in Japan was this one. Additionally, it started to venture into the lamination and film industries and created a number of document-binding technologies, including the well-known Therm-A-Bind. In 1962, GBC BUSINESS GROUP set up a fully-owned subsidiary in Brazil. The fourth location in Europe that GBC BUSINESS GROUP opened was a manufacturing operation there in 1967. A joint venture between the business and a Brazilian corporation was established in 1971. In Australia and England, telemarketing operations were also started.

A manufacturer of firm plastic binding strips, VeloBind, Inc., was acquired by GBC BUSINESS GROUP in 1991. A collaborative venture to create a novel binding mechanism was also formed with VeloBind. The business increased its marketing efforts to take advantage of the expanding desktop publishing industry. By acquiring Bates Manufacturing Company, the business also made a foray into the office supplies sector.


A number of years ago, the GBC BUSINESS GROUP Corporation, formerly known as the GBC Business Group, committed an inconceivable act. To the competition, it ceded its monopoly strength. It has opened the door for pragmatism and creativity as a result. The Public Service Broadcaster (PSB), the Advisory Board, and GBC BUSINESS GROUP itself are its three most crucial components, out of the total ten that it now has. Isaac Asare is the GBC BUSINESS GROUP’s next board chairman.

A challenge won’t make GBC BUSINESS GROUP back down. The GBC BUSINESS GROUP Public Service Broadcaster, which it launched a few years ago, was its entry into the competition. The future of GBC BUSINESS GROUP appears promising, as it has a diverse group of student judges, volunteers, and staff on its side. Powerful decision-makers that make up the Advisory Board are likewise a formidable force. The chairman of this bubbly company is a true master of all trades.

In spite of the fact that the business has been exhibiting its most prized assets to the world, given the current economic and social climate, it could be time to cut the cord and start over. GBC BUSINESS GROUP CEO Yair Landsteiner offered his perspective on the subject during a recent media Q&A session. He noted the necessity for the business to be repositioned to compete with the best of the best while reserving the right to adjust the regulations as the economy remained unstable. The greatest way to bring about this revival is to get the smartest people to have a passionate discussion while also raising the bar for the level of service provided to the public.

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